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The Rehab Diary – Day 6 to 9

Day 6: Wednesday 27th December 2023. Woke up groggy again, however from a very good sleep so I am assuming a deep sleep, not a bad thing. After breakfast we had a group session on ‘Step 1’ – for which yesterday I was given a workbook to work on over

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The Rehab Diary – Cold Turkey on Boxing Day – Day 5

Day 6: Tuesday 26th December 2023. I have given this day it’s own dedicated post, just for the ‘Cold Turkey on Boxing Day’ quote ha-ha. On the train from Exeter to Watford as we were nearing London I got up to get my suitcase from the storage area, I was

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The Rehab Diary – Day 1 to 4

Day 1: Friday 22nd December 2023. The day had finally come, since the previous day my head felt great, less fuzziness and more optimistic. After spending the last few months waking every morning and the first thing bombarding my mind being that evenings hit of Diazepam and wine to the

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