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(Packing List) Rehab / t-minus 5 days

Shit is starting to feel real now. In 5-days I will enter rehab for 28-days. Initially I didn’t really think about the length of time I would be away from home. After being away a couple weeks ago on holiday for just 1-week and returning, you realise just how long a month away will feel like. I’ve started planning what to take with me to rehab and have compiled a basic list below. I’ve kept it as a note on my phone so I can add to it when something pops into my mind. Bare in mind, the list below is from a male perspective, I’m sure they’ll be some ‘missing’ items that a female may need. But please, feel free to add to the comments if you have any suggestions or if you have been to rehab and realised any essential items:


I am going into a privately run rehab and so I have needed to ensure that I have enough of my prescription medication to last the month.


Most rehabs will not allow any sort of spray aerosol cans, aftershave or perfume as these can contain alcohol and can be abused.


Entertainment items

The rehab I am going to allows the use of your mobile phone and laptop etc – some don’t.

Other / Misc

I want to feel a little like home whilst I am in rehab so I am going to take a few family photographs that may not be on my phone. I also like to use mood lighting in my room at home so someone has kindly brought me an LED cone light that I can control with my phone and change the colour of.

Vaping / Smoking

I cannot comment for all rehabs but I am sure if you smoke or vape then you are allowed to bring those bits with you – mine does and I vape so I’ve been told to ensure any vape liquid I bring is new and sealed, I’ve also been told that homemade vape liquids are prohibited. Again, ensure you have enough for the entire stay in your rehab.

Not an exhaustive list, I don’t want to pack too much so I’m trying to keep it as light as possible. Please, if you do have any suggestions then leave them in the comments 🙂.

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